Dubai Development Authority provides the full range of services required to manage a business in the Free Zone, from company registration and licensing to employee and administrative services.

  • License Renewal

    All companies operating in the Free Zone must hold a valid license at all times.  To avoid any inconvenience from interruption of services on account of an expired license, Dubai Development Authority sends license renewal notifications to businesses along with guidelines on the required process.

  • Amendments

    Dubai Development Authority’s Registration & Licensing department facilitates and processes all amendments to company registers and license, such as Change of Directors, change of company name, change of company address.

  • Share Affairs

    During the operation of the Company in the Zone, a FZ-LLC can change its Share structure under any of the options set here

  • License Cancellation

    When a business becomes non-operational, Dubai Development Authority cancels the License of the Company. In case of FZ-LLCs, the company will undergo a process of ‘De-Registration’ after the cancellation of License.

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