FZ-LLC with corporate person as a member(s)

The following documents (notarised and/or attested as indicated) are required from the applicant before a Certificate of Incorporation and Commercial Licence can be issued:

Documents Required

  • Stage 1: (Provisional Approval)
    • Application Form
    • Passport copies for Director(s) & General Manager
    • Company Incorporation Certificate – For Corporate Member(s)
    • Certificate of Continuity or Existence or Good Standing – For Corporate Member(s)
    • MoA and AoA of Parent Company for Corporate Member(s)
  • Stage 2: (Registration)
    • Resolution for the Incorporation of an FZ-LLC 1, to view the template – click here
  • Conditional Documents
    • Declaration of Appointment as General Manager
    • Approval document or No Objection letter from a government authority if the company is undertaking a business activity that requires such approval (View Details)
    • Power of Attorney for Legal Representative/ Negotiator2 (if any), accompanied by passport copy of legal representative


An additional fees of AED 10 as “Knowledge Dirham” and AED 10 as “Innovation Dirham” is applicable per transaction.


  • Process Duration Stage 1: 10 working days
  • Process Duration Stage 2: 2 working days

General Terms:

  • 1 Duly notarised and attested (if applicable) Resolution up to the level of the UAE Embassy calling for the following:
    • Authorizing the incorporation of the Company in DDA
    • Stating that the Company has duly adopted the Articles of Association
    • Appointing the person authorized to sign documents on behalf of the Member (if applicable) in relation to the incorporation of the new Company
    • Details of Share and Share Capital
    • Appointing the General Manager to be listed on the license
    • Appointing the person authorised to sign the Articles of Association on behalf of Member (if applicable)
  • Article of Association (AoA) must be signed by the incorporators and their signatures notarised by the relevant authority and the UAE embassy if the document is signed outside the UAE. Alternatively, incorporators can sign in the presence of the DDA official who can witness their signatures at DDA office. A notarised Power of Attorney should be provided to sign on behalf of an Individual Member.
  • If the Articles of Association (AoA) adopted by the proposed company is non-standard, a Statement of the Incorporators signed by all the incorporator is required. To access the statement template, please click here.
  • 2Power of Attorney must be notarised and attested up to the level of the UAE Embassy.


  • Each Legal Document set must be sealed, if more than one page
  • Power of Attorney need to be accompanied with a current passport copy of the Attorney – in- fact.
  • DDA reserves the right to ask for any extra documents or attestations by the UAE Embassy or other Embassies, it may deem require. – In case of absence of UAE Embassy in the Country of Origin of the Parent Company, the documents will be accepted if it is Notarised & Attested by any GCC/Arabic Embassy/Consulate in the Country of origin of the Parent Company and the documents have to be further attested by UAE Ministry of Foreign Affair.
  • The required documents must be in English and / or Arabic. Documents in any other language must be accompanied by a certified English or Arabic translation.
  • Where the application Form is completed and signed by the applicant in person at the Dubai Development Authority, the applicant’s signature will be verified by Dubai Development Authority personnel.
  • Proof of payment of Share Capital is not mandatory; however, the company may opt to submit the Proof to DDA.
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