Advertising Permit

  • This service is applicable to all TECOM free zone areas only
  • For areas other than TECOM Free zones,
  • DDA processes only Structural aspects and provide approval
  • Upon Structural approval, for advertising permit Customer can approach Dubai Municipality

Documents Required

For Advertising Permit
      1. Advertising Permit Application (In case of applying through customer service center)
      2. Location map/site plan
      3. Picture showing the current existing building façade/site on which the sign is being proposed
      4. Colored and scaled drawing of the proposed sign/artwork including dimensions (height, width & depth), cross section & material specifications
      5. Mock-up perspective showing the proposed sign superimposed on the building/site
      6. Undertaking letter from plot owner for installation of sign
      7. Contractor appointment letter from the tenant(applicable for building signage only )
      8. NOC from relevant Authority
      9. Copy of Company Trade License (in case of shop sign)
      10. Structural calculations and drawings
      11. Risk Assessment & Risk Compliance method statement covering all activities (applicable for electrical signs, signs fixed above 2.5m, signs with height dimension above 2.5m)
        • For Structural NOC
          1. Advertising Permit Application (In case of applying through customer service center)
          2. Location map (site)/Site Plan
          3. Request from Dubai Municipality to obtain the Structural Completion Certificate
          4. Structural calculations and drawings (soft copy)
          5. NOC from Dubai Civil Defence
        • For Structural Completion / Renewal of Advertising Permit

          Advertising Permit Application (In case of applying through customer service center)
        • Fees

        • Advertising Permit or Renewal of Advertising Permit:
          • For Building Signage (Wall Mounted Hoarding/Banner), Building Signage (Building Wrap), Building Signage (Roof Top Sign), Billboard (Unipole, Hoarding, Megacom, Mupie, Lampost Sign), Construction Fence, Inflatable & Floating Signage, Bridge Banner, Roundabout Branding : AED 5,000 per year
          • For Building Signage (Podium Parapet Sign), Building Signage (Roof Parapet Sign) : AED 2,500 per year
          • For Flags, Free Standing Unit (FSU) : AED 1,500 per year
          • For Building Signage (Window Sticker) : AED 1,000 per year
          For Building Signage (Ground Floor Shop Signage) : AED 500 per year. For Structural NOC: AED 5,000.  For Structural Completion: Not Applicable
        • An additional fees of AED 10 as “Knowledge Dirham” and AED 10 as “Innovation Dirham” is applicable per transaction.
        • Duration

          4 working days


Important Notes: Any legal documents consisting of more than one page must be sealed. The Power of Attorney shall clearly set out the delegated powers and needs to be accompanied with a valid passport copy of the Attorney-in-fact when presented to the Authority. The Authority reserves the right to request for any additional documents or attestations by the UAE embassy or other embassies or government entities it may require, as and when necessary. Board Resolution and/or Power of Attorney is required from the Manager: this should state the Manager's full name, nationality and passport number. The legal documents must be in English and /or Arabic. Documents prepared in any other language other than English or Arabic must be legally and officially translated.

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