Site Plan: A legal Document issued in the Plot Owner’s or Lessee’s name used when designing a parcel of land in order to obtain the necessary construction approvals from concerned Authorities. The information included on the Site Plan includes but is not limited to location, land boundary, dimensions and zoning regulations such as land uses, limits of construction areas, setbacks, gross floor area, maximum height, driveways, green spaces, parking requirements etc.
Valid for two years from date of issue unless changes on the Plot occur before the expiry of Site Plan (two years from date of issue)

Renewal Site Plan

A Request to renew the Site Plan either on Site Plan expiry (valid for 2 years) or when a change on a plot occurs. The request to be submitted by (Owner/Lessee) or Delegated Person.

Documents Required

Renewal Site Plan Request (Master Developer stamp to be affixed on the form incase of Lease only)
Copy of valid Passport for individual Owner/copy of valid Trade License for Company Owner
Existing original Site Plan (if still valid)
Original Title deed (for verification only) or letter from bank in case of mortgage

Fees & Duration

AED 1,000 per Site Plan
An additional fees of AED 10 as “Knowledge Dirham” and AED 10 as “Innovation Dirham” is applicable per transaction.


Process Duration: 5 working days


Important Notes: Any legal documents consisting of more than one page must be sealed. The Power of Attorney shall clearly set out the delegated powers and needs to be accompanied with a valid passport copy of the Attorney-in-fact when presented to the Authority. The Authority reserves the right to request for any additional documents or attestations by the UAE embassy or other embassies or government entities it may require, as and when necessary. Board Resolution and/or Power of Attorney is required from the Manager: this should state the Manager's full name, nationality and passport number. The legal documents must be in English and /or Arabic. Documents prepared in any other language other than English or Arabic must be legally and officially translated.

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