Dubai Development Authority (DDA) has introduced a pioneering regulation that allows students to work part time in the Dubai’s creative clusters, a first for free zones across the region.

The regulation, “Order No (1) of 2016 Concerning Student Part-Time Employment in the Dubai Creative Clusters”, is part of DCCA’s commitment to implement policies and programs to enable sustainable growth and the development of the creative industries, in full alignment with the Dubai Plan 2021 and the Dubai Strategy for Innovation. The sustainable growth of these creative industries, and the success of the businesses operating in these sectors, are key for the realisation of the Leadership’s vision of Dubai as a global hub for innovation.
In order to encourage the growth of talent in Dubai’s creative industries and foster dynamic industry ecosystems, DDA is waiving all application fees related to the Student Part-Time Employment Permit. This applies to both businesses and students across the creative clusters.


FOR STUDENTS, being able to work part-time offers a valuable opportunity to get essential experience of and exposure to industries that will form the backbone of the future economy of the Emirate.

FOR BUSINESS, the new regulation enables access to a stream of talent that is not only well educated but also highly flexible.

FOR ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS, the regulation enhances the appeal of Dubai as a destination for world-class higher education, giving it a real competitive edge particularly when compared to other education hubs in the region that do not allow students to engage in part-time employment.

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