If your business is amongst the 4,500 companies located in Dubai’s creative clusters, you can now employ students enrolled at the 23 academic institutions in the creative clusters on a part-time basis. This pioneering regulation is a first for Dubai’s creative clusters and the region’s free zones.

The new regulation applies only to students enrolled at Universities licensed by DDA – primarily located in Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Park – and businesses licensed by DDA located across our nine creative clusters.

  • The Benefits to your Business

    •  You do not need to sponsor any student employed on a part – time basis: The student will be sponsored by their Higher Education Provider with a visa issued by DDA.

    •  There are no fees for the Student Part-Time Employment Permit –the application is free for both businesses and students.

    •  Employing a student part-time worker has been streamlined to a simple 2-step process to enable ease of doing business.

    •  The regulation ensures your business is protected by a robust legal framework that regulates the terms of employment for part-time students, providing clear guidelines for both student employees and employers.

  • About DCCA’s Education Cluster

    •  Over 25,000 students from 149 different nationalities are currently enrolled in a program of study within DCCA’s Education Cluster.

    •  The Education cluster is home to 23 academic institutions representing 50% of the UAE’s International Branch Campuses.

    •  The Cluster offers over 500 Higher education programmes from Certificates and Diplomas through to Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees across a wide range of academic disciplines, including Architecture, Engineering, Information Technology, Business and Law (including Sharia), Sciences, Humanities, Design, Media, Advertising & Communications, and Tourism & Hospitality.

  • Toolkits

    A selection of assets that could help you figure out the right Free Zone for your business, information about creative clusters and more

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  • FAQs

    Guidelines that helps you align your business with the regulations of each Free Zone

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  • Definations

    Guidelines that helps you align your business with the regulations of each Free Zone

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– Your company needs to have a current Commercial License issued by DDA for one of the nine clusters within its Free Zone jurisdiction, specifically Dubai Internet City, Dubai Outsource City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai International Academic City, Dubai Production City, Dubai Science Park or Dubai Design District, d3.

– The student needs to be at least 18 years old, and be enrolled at one of the 23 academic institutions under the jurisdiction of DDA. For a list of the applicable universities, click.

– The student you wish to employ needs to have a Student Eligibility Confirmation document issued by their Higher Education Provider and validated by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), for which they need to be of good academic standing.

– International students need to be sponsored by their Higher Education Provider and in possession of a visa issued by Dubai Development Authority (DDA)

Simply download the Student Part-Time Employment Request Form and email the completed form to: earnwhileyoulearn@diacedu.com (This Email will only accept job opportunities from businesses to the student’s universities in the creative clusters)
For more information & general enquirers email: info@dda.gov.com

DIAC Student Hub will evaluate your request and liaise with the Career Service Centres of the academic institutions in Dubai’s creative clusters. The Career Service Centres will then contact you directly with a shortlist of potential candidates in line with your requirement.

DDA has waived all fees for the Student Part-Time Employment Permit for a period of one year. Take advantage of boosting your workforce with part-time student employees without having to pay any permit fees.
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