Students now have the opportunity to work part-time while studying in Dubai. Students enrolled at the 23 academic institutions in Dubai’s creative clusters can benefit from DDA’s new student part-time employment regulation, a first for Dubai’s creative clusters and the region’s free zones.

The Emirate also offers strong opportunities for future employment and career growth, particularly with Expo2020 having created approximately 250,000 new jobs across a wide range of industry sectors. Additionally, Dubai has a lower cost of living than other comparable global cities in the USA, UK, Australia and Candade, and is ranked as the 8th safest country in the world.   There are currently 23 Academic Institutions located in Dubai’s creative clusters, representing 50% of the UAE’s International Branch Campuses, catering to a multi-cultural student population of 26,000, consisting of 149 nationalities. Combined, these 23 Institutions offer a total of 427 Bachelor, Masters and PhD degrees from fields such as Engineering, IT, Media, Business, Fashion Design, Healthcare, Communications, Media and many more.    For these Universities, the new student part-time employment regulation enhances the appeal of Dubai as a destination for world-class higher education and gives it a real competitive edge – particularly when compared to other education hubs in the region that do not allow students to work part-time.

    • Student Eligibility Criteria

      •  Working while you study allows you to gain valuable experience of the workplace at the same time as being enrolled at University, helping you to make informed decisions about the career path you hope to follow after you graduate.

      •  Employers prefer to hire fresh graduates who can hit the ground running. Having the right qualifications in addition to business-friendly soft skills – something that you can only gain through first-hand experience of the workplace – will significantly enhance your employment prospects.

      •  If you are facing any financial pressures, a common situation for many international students, being able to earn a salary through part-time employment while you are enrolled at an academic institution can make a big difference to your standard of living.

      •  The new regulation also ensures that you are protected by a legal framework that regulates the terms of employment for part-time students, providing clear guidelines that both employees and employers need to abide by.

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The new regulation applies to part-time employment with over 4,500 companies located in Dubai’s creative clusters. These businesses operate across a wide range of industry sectors, from ICT, Outsourcing, Higher Education and Human Capital Development, through to Media & Entertainment, Design, and Life Sciences, Energy & Environment. For a full list of businesses located in one of free zone clusters under DDA’s jurisdiction  –Dubai Internet City, Dubai Outsource City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai International Academic City, Dubai Production City, Dubai Science Park or Dubai Design District, d3

Student Eligibility Confirmation (Click here to view the document)

Student Part-Time Employment Permit Process



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