Dubai Development Authority regulates a diverse Free Zone comprising 9 clusters dedicated to creative and other knowledge-based industries

Dubai Development Authority is responsible for providing the regulation and policy framework to enable the growth and long-term competitiveness of Dubai Creative Clusters. These clusters are owned and operated by TECOM Group, Dubai’s pioneering master developer of industry focused clusters. In each cluster, start-ups, established leaders and talented workers in the same industry co-locate to create vibrant hubs for creativity and innovation that drive economic growth in Dubai’s knowledge-based economy.

  • Industries

    Dubai Creative Clusters comprises 9 clusters spanning 7 industries

  • Zoning Services

    The Zoning Division of Dubai Development Authority regulates the master planning and construction of all projects under its jurisdiction

  • Laws & Regulations

    Dubai Development Authority provides a business-friendly regulatory environment that supports innovation and growth

Free Zone benefits

Businesses are allowed 100% foreign ownership in the Free Zone, a guaranteed 50-year exemption from personal, income and corporate taxes, and exemption from customs duty for goods services.  The Free Zone also permits full repatriation of profits and capital.

world class infrastructure

The Free Zone clusters are located in convenient proximity to Dubai’s world-class airports, seaports and major motorways.  Businesses can choose from a variety of customised real-estate options to suit their organisational needs, and benefit from a robust telecom infrastructure.  A well-developed social infrastructure, with easy access to high-end residential accommodations and attractive retail options means that the clusters are magnets for creative talent from across the globe.

Business-Friendly Regulations and Ease of Doing Business

The Free Zone enables businesses to plan growth and innovation strategies effectively by providing a sound and transparent regulatory environment. This helps to facilitate greater ease of doing business through the provision of streamlined one-stop services such as licensing and work visas.


Dubai is strategically located between developed markets in Europe and emerging markets in Africa, South and Central Asia and the Middle East


Dubai is a cosmopolitan global city, home to a thriving international community of creative, dynamic professionals. The emirate provides a superior quality of life for its residents and a nurturing environment for families, with wide range of entertainment, retail, cultural and sports attractions, coupled with a high standard of education and healthcare facilities.

Unique Cluster Environment

Leading MNCs, startups, SMEs and freelancers across the industry value chains being co-located in a cluster environment delivers numerous opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Promotion of SMEs and entrepreneurship

Business matchmaking, startup funding events, mentorship opportunities and the provision of market intelligence and research combine to create a fertile environment for SME growth and entrepreneurship.

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  • FAQs

    Guidelines that helps you align your business with the regulations of each Free Zone

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  • Definations

    Guidelines that helps you align your business with the regulations of each Free Zone

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