Dubai Creative Clusters regulates a Free Zone comprising of 9 clusters catering to the needs of 7 creative and other knowledge-based industries

  • Media & Entertainment

    Dubai Media City

    Dubai Studio City

    Dubai Production City

    The rapidly-evolving Media and Entertainment industry plays a key role in cultural enrichment, innovation and economic development

  • Information & Communications Technology

    Dubai Internet City

    The ICT industry plays a transformative economic role, acts as a catalyst for productivity, improves connectivity between markets, and speeds up the exchange of innovative ideas

  • Outsourcing

    Dubai Outsource City

    The Outsourcing industry provides employment and ensures both business sustainability and agility

  • Higher Education

    Dubai International Academic City

    The Higher Education industry ensures the provision of a highly skilled workforce in line with future industry requirement, critical for the sustainable growth of the knowledge-based economy

  • Human Capital Development

    Dubai Knowledge Park

    The Human Capital Development industry enables businesses to both develop and retain their workforce, and provides the means by which workers can adapt to the needs of an ever-changing, dynamic economy by equipping themselves with new skills, as well as hone their existing skills.

  • Life Sciences / Energy & Environment

    Dubai Science Park

    Dubai Science Park (DSP) is the region’s first free zone community that serves the entire value chain of the science sector, dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinational enterprises. Formerly known as DuBiotech and EnPark, the community has grown to 280 companies of all sizes in the life sciences, energy and environmental sectors. Armed with stellar ambitions, Dubai Science Park aims to be the vibrant platform of choice for businesses to innovate and progress in a truly dynamic community setting.

  • Design

    Dubai Design District (d3)

    The Design industry is a major employer of creative talent. It is also a major contributor to the brand equity of a city – in this case, of ‘Brand Dubai’ –increasing both the quantity and quality of its cultural output, and ensuring the provision of a vibrant atmosphere for residents and visitors; all this combined has a positive effect on tourism and promotes an enhanced quality of life for residents

These clusters are owned and operated by TECOM Group, Dubai’s pioneering master developer of industry-focused clusters. In each cluster, start-ups, established leaders and talented workers in the same industry co-locate to create vibrant hubs for creativity and innovation that drive economic growth in Dubai’s knowledge-based economy. The benefits for companies and workers within these clusters are numerous and highly attractive.

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