Means a photocopy or other image of original corporate documents of the Company Attested by a Notary Public in that jurisdiction that they are true and proper copies.


Means the Foreign Ministry (or equivalent) of the country in which the Company is based stamping the documents to acknowledge the authenticity of the Notary Public’s own stamp.


Refers to the process following Legalization, whereby the UAE Embassy in that country (or the nearest UAE Embassy to that country) then stamps the documents again to certify the authenticity of the Foreign Ministry’s stamps.

Notarization service in Dubai Development Authority

This service is limited to documents relating to Registration & Licensing Purposes and Procedures and is subject to the full discretion of the Registration & Licensing Department. To avoid any doubt, this service does not include Notarization of Original Power of Attorneys (POA), any documents or Resolutions containing any specific powers, third party agreements and any other documents. The fee for this service is applicable as per the Tariff.

Definition of Key Positions


Individual or corporate person who owns Shares in a Company is called a Shareholder. A Shareholder is authorized to sign the
Lease and other documents only if he is authorized by other Shareholder(s).


An individual appointed by the Shareholder(s) through a Shareholders’ Resolution to run the business of the Company and report to Shareholders. A Director may be, but is not required to be a Shareholder. A Director may sign the Lease and other documents if he is authorized by the
other Directors. All the Directors signing collectively may sign the Lease without further authorization.

Company Secretary

The Company Secretary is an optional position and acts on behalf of the Board of Directors regarding internal Company affairs. He/she is appointed by a Board Resolution signed by the Director(s). The Company Secretary may also hold one or more of the following positions: Shareholder / Director / Manager / Legal Representative

Legal Representative

The Legal Representative may be an individual or a law firm representing a Shareholder through an Original Power of Attorney. The Original Power of Attorney shall terminate once the Company is incorporated unless otherwise indicated in that Original Power of Attorney.


The Manager is an Employee of the Company and represents the Company and the Director(s) in the day to day operations on behalf of the Company and to the Dubai Development Authority. He is appointed through the Resolution signed by the Director(s) (for a Branch) or by the initial Shareholders (on the Incorporation of a FZ-LLC). His/her name appears on the Trade License.

Authorized Signatory for Government Affairs

The Manager may nominate up to two individuals (not including himself) to sign any document pertaining to Government Affairs, particularly Visas. The nominated individuals do not have Authority to conduct any other transactions than the Government related administrative affairs.

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