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Dubai Design District

Dubai Development Authority (DDA) was established pursuant to the Law No. 1 of 2000 and its amendments.

The Authority has the mandate to play a leading role in the future growth of  Dubai’s economy by enhancing economic competitiveness and setting global standards for business and talents by providing an attractive and stimulating business environment that fosters their growth and offers a full range of integrated services related to strategic sectors and urban development.

Planning and Development

The Dubai Development Authority Planning and Development services focus on regulating master planning and construction activities of projects within its jurisdiction.

Planning and Development encompass a variety of services such as reviews, permits, and inspections to ensure projects follow safety and quality standards and align to codes, guidelines, regulations and best practices.

Master Planning
Dubai Development Authority covers regulating master planning related activities in the various zones under the Authority’s jurisdiction. This is achieved through services of new masterplan reviews and approvals, master planning modifications, site plan issuance, and developing and implementing GIS related services and systems.
Dubai Development Authority design services cover the review of architectural, structural, and MEP designs and drawings in accordance with approved master plans, relevant rules, codes, and regulations.
Dubai Development Authority construction related services cover permitting of various construction activities, conducting inspections and issuing completion certificates.
Advertising and Events
Dubai Development Authority Advertising and Events services cover reviewing related applications and providing permits for advertising or events in accordance with regulations and guidelines.

Registration and Licensing

Dubai Development Authority issues licenses by cluster, allowing companies to operate in their respective sector, according to the nature of their business activities. Business owners can access an array of guidelines and services from the Authority that offer effortless and simplified processes, to ensure they register for the correct business set up, as well as adhere to strict timelines and compliance of duties that help their business maintain a good standing.
Setting up
a Business
Dubai Development Authority issues licenses by cluster to entrepreneurs who wish to set up their business in their respective sector according to the nature of their business activities. Setting up a business demands comprehensive knowledge and compliance with all of UAE’s laws, decisions, rules and regulations during conduct of its activities in the Zone.
Dubai Development Authority provides the full range of services required to manage a business in the Free Zone, from company registration and licensing, amendments, to employee and administrative services.
Employment Dispute Request
Dubai Development Authority provides guidance and mediation services to all workplace-related issues. The Authority’s highly efficient and streamlined online processes help to smoothly resolve any kind of employment dispute related to the workplace.