Services to Manage Existing Businesses Information and Status


Dubai Development Authority provides the full range of services required to manage a business in the Free Zone, from company registration and licensing, amendments, to employee and administrative service

Existing Businesses Sections

License Renewal
Dubai Development Authority advises all the Free Zone licenses to renew the trade license on time annually and always hold a valid license to ensure continuity of legal practice and to maintain its good standing and comply with the zone’s laws and regulations.
Registration & Licensing Amendments
Dubai Development Authority advises all the Free Zone license owners to keep all their records up-to-date in the commercial register and license.Amendments services cover all modifications to company registers and license, such as, but not limited to change of activity, change of members, change of company name, change of company address etc. In the event of requiring any amendments to the registered information, businesses need to process their modifications and complete them promptly.
License Cancellation
Dubai Development Authority advises all the free Zone license owners to complete the process of de-registration and cancellation of their license (FZ-LLC, Branch or Freelancer) in according to Private Company Regulations (PCR).