Service Name

Soil Report Review

Soil Report Review

Description This service is carried out after out the geotechnical investigation and lab tests, where the lab should prepare a report summarizing all the findings, recommendation and data to obtain approval from DDA


Requester Consultant
Service Deliverables Stamped Soil Report
Service Request Channels Online
Service Hours Online: 24/7
Estimated Time to Deliver 2 Working Days
Service Fees N/A
Required Documents
  • Soil Report Review request (In case of applying through customer service center)
  • Detailed geotechnical calculations
  • Soil Report Review Checklist
  • Soil Report (soft copy)
  • Copy of Geotechnical Laboratory Professional License
  • Accreditation Certificate from Emirates International Accreditation Center.
  • Drawing showing location, depth & number of boreholes in DWF format (as per Circular no. 350)