Service Name

Building Completion Certificate

Building Completion Certificate

Description This service enables the customer to obtain building completion certificate according to the approved drawings and designs


Requester Contractor
Service Deliverables Building Completion Certificate
Service Request Channels Online
Service Hours Online: 24/7
Estimated Time to Deliver 3 Working Days
Service Fees
  • Pre-inspection for Completion Certificate: AED 7,500
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd request of Completion Certificate: Not Applicable
  • 4th request of Completion Certificate onwards: AED 10,000
An additional fee of AED 10 as “Knowledge Dirham” and AED 10 as “Innovation Dirham” is applicable per transaction
Required Documents Inspection for Completion
  • Copy of Civil Defense Certificate
  • Approved Traffic Impact study
  • Compliance Certificate from main consultant
  • Approval of Sewerage connections
  • NOC from owner to issue Completion Certificate
  • CCTV Design approval from Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) (excluding villas)
Clearance of Undertaking Letter
  • Contractor’s clarification letter for issued comments point by point
Notes The below prerequisites should be obtained before request for Building Completion Certificate:
  • Approval of Structural Completion Inspection (Form No. ZA-DC-F-74)
  • Approval of Final Land-Demarcation (Form No. ZA-MP-F-11)
  • Accepted Third Party Building Survey Report by DDA (Form No. ZA-DC-F-99) (Excluding Villas)
  • Approved drawings by DDA must be available at site